MeNMy World On Fire TKA
2x Disc Dog World Champion


Breed: Border Collie x Papillon
Color: Black & White Tri
Weight: 18 lbs
DOB: August 31, 2020
Breeder: Amber Abbott & Allison Davisson (XO x Swinger 2020)

Flare’s Achievements:

Disc Dog
• Skyhoundz MicroDog Open World Champion [2022]
• Skyhoundz DiscDogathon MicroDog Freestyle World Champion [2022]
• Ashley Whippet Invitational Small Dog World Championship, 2nd Place [2022]
• Skyhoundz MicroDog Open World Championship, 5th place [2021]

• NAJ - AKC Novice Agility Jumper; 1 leg

• TKA - AKC Advanced Trick Dog Title [2022]
• TKI - AKC Intermediate Trick Dog Title [2021]
• TKN - AKC Novice Trick Dog Title [2021]

Cool Things Flare Has Done:

Media Shoots
• iHeartDogs.com Product Photo Shoot [2020]

More Photos of Flare

Videos of Flare:

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