Disc Dog Seminars & Workshops

My seminars are based on what the attendees would like to learn. Participants choose the topics and the lessons are tailored to each individual. All levels of play can benefit from attending, because I go through the entire training process for each topic. Seminar topics generally include a demonstration of how to train a skill and then I work on the skill individually with each participant, while giving insight to the whole group on how to work through common problems. Check out my sample list of topics for ideas of what could be covered at an upcoming seminar. Contact Kirby to host a seminar near you!


Minnesota Disc Dog Club (MNDDC) Seminar (Working spots limited – Sign up now!)
June 16 & 17, 2018
Claremont, MN

Slovakia Seminar (Working spots limited – Sign up now!)
July 28 & 29, 2018
Mesto Trnava, Slovakia


Minnesota Disc Dog Club (MNDDC) Seminar
June 4-5, 2016
Claremont, MN

Disc Dog Seminar with Jeff Hill & Kirby McIlveen
April 3-5, 2015
Yorba Linda, CA

What attendees have said about previous seminars…
“I really liked the group discussion, how we were shown how to handle different situations. I really liked that we learned so many throws and techniques for building drive.” – MNDDC Seminar Participant

“She did an awesome job explaining things on how we could improve our game, but focused more on what people wanted out of the seminar (not expecting everyone to want to be super competitive, but also catering to people that did want to be more competitive).” – MNDDC Seminar Participant



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