Why I Don’t Play Ball with My Dogs Anymore…

I guess the title is somewhat misleading. But if you or someone you know often plays ball with their dog(s), you should probably hear me out. I had no idea a ball could pose a choking danger. This is Torch. He's 8 years old at the time of writing of this. He's also extremely lucky... Continue Reading →

The City Dog Meets Chickens

  When you watch Torch play disc, he's a bit ferocious. He's sort of known to be a serial killer of discs, leaving them with broken rims, slashes, and giant pieces torn out. Torch is not particularly known for his love of dogs either... However, other animals are a different story. For us, urban life... Continue Reading →

List of Disc Dog Clubs

Looking for disc dog events, competitions, and/or training? Here is a list to help you find a disc dog club close to you! Clubs listed here have held competition events within the last two years. Some clubs may be listed twice if they hold events in multiple regions or states. Typically, clubs do not require that... Continue Reading →

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