TDCH Rockin’ KR Blue Flash Lightning CGCA CGCU TKE
2x Golden State Disc Dog Champion


10/14/2007 – 9/12/2021

Breed: McNab
Color: Black and White
Weight: 48 lbs
DOB: October 14, 2007
Breeder: Ron Prentice, Rockin’ KR McNabs (Jasper x Socks 2007)
Favorite Toy: Ball & Air 235 Disc
Favorite Tricks: Sit Pretty & Lift Leg
Favorite Disc Dog Trick:
Long Distance Throws
Unique Talent: Eating anything presented as food.
Flash loves disc, agility, and hiking!

Flash’s Achievements:

Disc Dog
• 2x Golden State Champion & Best in the West Champion [2011 & 2014]
• Disc Dogs in Southern California Club Champion [2011]
• UFO World Cup Freestyle Championship, 2nd place [2011]
• Ashley Whippet Invitational World Championship, 5th Place [2015]
• Skyhoundz Classic Open World Championship, 7th Place [2015]
• UFO World Cup Championship Series, 6th Place [2011, 2012]
• UFO World Cup Championship, 7th Place [2017]

• TDCH - DMWYD Expert Trick Dog Title [2020] - First McNab to earn a perfect score!
• ETD - DMWYD Expert Trick Dog Title [2020] 
• ATD - DMWYD Advanced Trick Dog Title [2020] 
• ITD - DMWYD Intermediate Trick Dog Title [2020] 
• NTD - DMWYD Novice Trick Dog Title [2020]
• TKE - AKC Elite Performer Trick Dog Title [2020]
• TKP - AKC Performer Trick Dog Title [2019]
• TKA - AKC Advanced Trick Dog Title [2019]
• TKI - AKC Intermediate Trick Dog Title [2019]
• TKN - AKC Novice Trick Dog Title [2019]

• CGCU - AKC Urban Canine Good Citizen Title [2020]
• CGCA - AKC Community Canine/CGC Advanced Title [2019]
• CGC - Canine Good Citizen Title [2019]

Flash’s Media Appearances:

• 101 Ways to Do More with Your Dog! (pages 59, 102, 103, and 125)
• 10 Minute Dog Training Games (pages 120, 121, 124, 125, 146, and 147) by Kyra Sundance
• Dogs in Cars by Lara Jo Reagan

• Antelope Valley Press
• Polk & Florida
• The Reporter
• Thousand Oaks Acorn

• Dog Sport Magazine (issue May/June 2011)
• Dog Sport Magazine (issue May/June 2012)

• Who Let The Dogs Out (Episode "Pooches in Pasadena")
• Purina Incredible Dog Challenge Western Regionals 2012 in "Freestyle Flying Disc"

"We Came to Party" (CANIDAE Pet Foods Commercial)
• "Sparklers" (Target Commercial)

Cool Things Flash Has Done:

• Pregame show at NFL Chargers game [2018]
• Played Rufus in a Legally Blonde Live Musical at CSU Long Beach [2014]
• Halftime show at WNBA Sparks game [2010]

Flash’s Eulogy:

“He is, by far, the most talented, athletic, and beautiful dog I’ve ever known. He was the rock of our family – the normal and sane one. He was also incredibly smart. He had the coolest eyes, best ears, cutest nubby, and the loudest bark ever. I love my dogs all equally, but Flash was my favorite. It’s no mistake that one of his nicknames was “Perfection.” If I were to clone a dog, it’d be him. Every dog in our house has heard the line, “Can you act a little more like Flash?” I don’t know how I got so lucky to have him. It’s hard to encompass all he was in one post. Did I mention he was the best yet? Because that about sums him up. 

When any of our little dogs would go outside, he’d race outside and stand guard. One time, he protected little Twitter from a hawk that was flying low and eyeing her. We didn’t see until it would’ve been too late, but Flash was watching the whole time. He just did that type of stuff on his own. Hardly had to teach that dog anything. He had so much common sense, but like, the dog version. He was a go anywhere, do anything type of dog because he was so nice and calm. He knew he was big and powerful, but only used it for good things.

He was a pretty simple dog. He only cared about the stuff that really mattered. He loved good food, sleeping comfortably, rolling in the grass, chasing down and jumping for anything you could throw, and protecting anyone who needed it. He didn’t ask for much. I don’t think there was anything he wanted to do in life that he missed out on.

I always made sure to share my food with him. That was important to him. He had an iron stomach and he lived to eat, so it was only fair. He was also the best food beggar of all time. He always sat so politely, with the greatest “can I has some?” eyes ever. Sometimes he’d throw in a sit pretty, one of his favorite tricks, just for good measure. It’s no wonder he got everything he wanted. Steak, bacon, and avocado were his favorite foods. He only ever counter-surfed for avocado skins I left, I think only because he knew I was done. 😉 He hardly ever did anything to get in trouble.

He never had anything to prove. He didn’t have a very competitive personality and would let Sketch, Torch, and Sora just race each other to be the first for everything. Flash didn’t mind as long as he got what he wanted. He was patient. He was probably the laziest of all the really good frisbee dogs ever. It’s amazing how much he accomplished, despite him putting in pretty minimal effort most of the time. Just to name some, he did commercials for Target and Canidae, photoshoots for Kyra Sundance books, iHeartDogs, and more, countless magazines and newspapers, all of the CGC titles, first McNab to get a perfect score on the Trick Dog Champion title, Purina IDC podium finisher, no misses at his NFL Chargers game performance, competed in countless world championships and many top finishes, and multiple time CA State Champion. These were many firsts for his breed too. He was pretty dang good at everything.

He was never the same after Sketch died in 2019. He was so intelligent and strong, but also sensitive. He seemed a bit lost after. I’m still lost too, so I know how he felt. Even moreso now without Flash too… I can’t believe he’s gone. It’s not fair. He was too great for this world. I didn’t deserve him and neither did anyone else. The world didn’t deserve a being as perfect as him. Figures he would get an aggressive cancer that would kill him in a matter of weeks. The good die young, I guess. It was just way too fast and way too soon. It’s just not f#cking fair. This world is cruel. I miss everything about him. He was the best dog of all time. I await the day that I get to see him again. He was perfect.”

More Photos of Flash

Videos of Flash:

Flash’s Pedigree:

IMG_0820 copy.JPG
Rockin KR
Blue Flash Lightning
Flash's dad
Covelo Jasper
Flash's mom
Rockin KR Socks

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