Hob Nob Picture Perfect
National Long Distance Disc Dog Champion
Golden State Disc Dog Champion


9/5/2004 – 8/2/2019

Breed: Border Collie
Color: Black and White
Weight: 35 lbs
DOB: September 5, 2004
Breeder: Janice DeMello, Hob Nob Border Collies (Scheme x Edge 2004)
Favorite Toy:
 Soccer Ball
Favorite Disc Dog Trick: Two Disc Shuffle
Unique Talent: Getting his tail, every time and wanting to play at all hours.
Sketch loves disc, agility, and swimming!

Sketch’s Achievements:

Disc Dog
• 4x Quadruped Women's Open National Series Champion [2011, 2012, 2013, & 2014]
• 12x Quadruped Women's Open Winner [2011, 2012, 2013, & 2014]
• Holds record for most Quadruped wins of any dog [12 wins]
• Quadruped Womens National Long Distance Record Holder, 81.3 yards [2014]
• California Golden State Champion & Best In The West Champion [2012]
• Disc Dogs in Southern California Club Champion [2014]
• Skyhoundz Classic Open World Championship, 3rd place [2013]
• 2x UFO World Cup Series Championship, 3rd place [2011 & 2012]
• UFO World Cup Freestyle Championship, 2nd place [2012]
• Ashley Whippet Invitational World Championship, 5th Place [2012]
• Skyhoundz Classic Open World Championship, 6th place [2011]

• FM - Flyball Master [2008]
• MBDCh-S - Multibreed Dog Champion-Silver [2008]

Sketch’s Media Appearances:

• Dogs in Cars by Lara Jo Reagan

• The Dixon Tribune
• Tampa Bay Times

• Dog Sport Magazine (May/June 2011 issue)
•  Modern Dog (Summer 2010 issue, page 49)

• Purina Incredible Dog Challenge Western Regionals 2011 & 2013 in "Freestyle Flying Disc"
• Purina Incredible Dog Challenge Western Regionals 2012 in "Speed and Catch"

• "We Came to Party" (CANIDAE Pet Foods Commercial)

Cool Things Sketch Has Done:

• Featured on the inaugural K9 Frisbee Toss & Fetch League Championship Patch [2019]
• Featured on the inaugural Hero Cup Women's Disc [2018]
• Featured on the 16th Quadruped Series Shirt [2016]

• LA Kiss Arena Football game at the Honda Center [2014]
• Pregame at NFL Chargers game [2012]


Sketch’s Eulogy:

“The Best Dog Ever

I struggled to write this because I could go on and on about how amazing he was.

Sketch has been the biggest part of of my life. I wanted another dog to play agility with, since that’s what my Shih Tzu, Lucky, liked. My mom chose to bring a Border Collie into the family. He came home with us when I was 10 years old and completely changed my world.

From day one, he loved to play and never wanted to stop. He was always ready to go at any time. Anything that could be thrown was a toy to him, although his favorite toy was the soccer ball. While he loved pretty much all the dog sports we tried, frisbee ended up being his calling. He really loved freestyle. It was fast paced and he got to run around, continually catching one disc after another. He was incredible at catching too – one of the best catching dogs ever. He was kind of a perfectionist. He wouldn’t even let raindrops falling from the house hit the ground.

Besides being an incredible athlete, Sketch was the sweetest dog. He was always Mr. Happy-Go-Lucky, full of love and joy. He never met a person he didn’t like. He loved to give kisses and it was advised to keep your mouth shut when around him, otherwise he’d lick you in the back of the throat. (He had the longest tongue too!) No one could do anything without Sketch bumping their arm up to say he wanted to be petted. What I’d give to have him push my arm away from whatever I’m doing one more time…

He was so connected and adept at reading peoples’ emotions. He knew when to push with obnoxious kisses and when to be gentle. He knew when it was a competition vs when it was practice. He knew when he could get away with being a little naughty and when we really needed him to listen.

We learned countless things together, two of the biggest being working as a team and never giving up. Thank you, Sketch. My best buddy, the best dog ever, the most awesome dog I’ve ever met… I am so lost without him.”

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Sketch’s Pedigree:

sketch full body
Hob Nob Picture Perfect
Hob Nob Perfect Plan
Bill Scot Nat Ch '89_'92, Int Sup Ch '89_'92, Int Shep Ch '92 Wisp (ISDS 161487)
Molly Roy
Hob Nob Leading Edge
StaticLogiccollage copy
Hob Nob Perfect Sense

JuiceDivotcollage copy
Hob Nob Jump Start “Juice”

Hob Nob Tearin’ Up The Turf “Divot”
Hob Nob Freeze Frame

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