TDCH Destined to Fly of Scuderia F40 JP CGCA TKE DN BCAT
4x Disc Dog World Champion
Golden State Disc Dog Champion


Breed: Border Collie
Color: Black and White
Weight: 34 lbs
DOB: March 8, 2018
Breeder: Yoshinori/Mayumi Yasuki (Jake x Soledea 2018)
Favorite Toy: Air 235 Disc, Puller
Favorite Trick: Stand on Hind Legs
Favorite Disc Dog Trick:
Unique Talent: Playing with tiny pieces of toys and pulling the insoles out of any shoe.
Countries Outside of the USA Sora has been to: Japan
Sora loves disc, agility, hiking, and swimming!

Sora’s Achievements:

Disc Dog
• UFO World Cup Champion [2019]
• UFO World Cup Freestyle Champion [2019]
• UFO World Cup Throw & Catch Champion [2019]
• Skyhoundz Sport Distance/Accuracy World Champion [2019]
• California Golden State Champion & Best in the West Champion [2019]
• Ashley Whippet Invitational Open Overall World Championship, 2nd place [2019]
• Skyhoundz Pairs Freestyle World Championship, 3rd Place [2019]
• Skyhoundz Classic Open World Championship, 4th Place [2019]
• Ashley Whippet Invitational Toss & Catch World Championship, 4th place [2019]
• Skyhoundz Distance/Accuracy (Three Rounds), 76.5 points [2019]
• Skyhoundz Distance/Accuracy (One Round), 27.5 points [2019]
• One of the youngest dogs to win a World Championship (18 months old)
• First dog to triple sweep all 3 divisions at the UFO World Cup Series Finals [2019]

• TDCH - DMWYD Trick Dog Champion Title [2020] - Perfect score!
• ETD - DMWYD Expert Trick Dog Title [2020]
• ATD - DMWYD Advanced Trick Dog Title [2020]
• ITD - DMWYD Intermediate Trick Dog Title [2020]
• NTD - DMWYD Novice Trick Dog Title [2020]
• TKE - AKC Elite Performer Trick Dog Title [2020]
• TKP - AKC Performer Trick Dog Title [2019]
• TKA - AKC Advanced Trick Dog Title [2019]
• TKI - AKC Intermediate Trick Dog Title [2019]
• TKN - AKC Novice Trick Dog Title [2019]

Dock Diving
• Personal Best: 9'11" (using end of the dock) [2020]
• DN - Dock Novice Title [2019]

Fast CAT
• Personal Best: 25.70 MPH [2020]
• BCAT Title [2020]

• CGCA - AKC Community Canine/CGC Advanced Title [2019]
• CGC - Canine Good Citizen Title [2019]

Cool Things Sora Has Done:

• Halftime show at NFL 49ers game [2019]
• Halftime show at LA Galaxy II Soccer game [2019]Halftime show at NFL Chargers game [2018]

Media Shoots
• Sony A6400 Promotional Photo/Video Shoot [2019]

More Photos of Sora

Videos of Sora:

Sora’s Pedigree:

Destined to Fly of Scuderia F40 JP
Sora's dad
Hardrock Jack
Redcreek Train
ABCA 223399
Scout ABCA 90772
Lazy M’s Bet ABCA 164851
ABCA 283820

Imp. Don ABCA 72813
Imp. Midge ABCA 208443
Sora's mom
Soledea of Dog Star JP
Foreseer of Hidaka Merry Farm JP
JKC-BCL-00536/96-0 AKC-DL646877/01
Mo Jeare
JKC-BCL-00859/03-0 JCC-BD-388
Core of Royal Field JP
Baron of Royal Field
JKC-BCL-01932/00-0 JCC-BD-276
Arice of Royal Field JP

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