Sample List of Topics for Seminars

Here is a sample list of topics that we can cover in seminars. It’s not an all inclusive list, but just a list to give you some ideas. So if you have a suggestion that you’d like to see at an upcoming seminar, let me know! We can tailor any of these topics to fit the level of the individual and their dog.

Disc Dog Foundations
Building Drive
Catching Skills & Drills
Jumping + Collection Skills & Drills
Warming up for Disc
Basic Fitness Exercises for Disc

Disc Dog Freestyle
Freestyle Throwing
Freestyle Routine Building
Set Up Moves
Dog Catches
Vaults & Stalls
Around the Worlds & Zig Zags
Strategies for Disc Management & Field Movement
Adding Presentation & Showmanship

Disc Dog Toss & Fetch
Toss & Fetch Throwing
Building Fast Returns
Hand-Offs for Toss & Fetch
Toss & Fetch Strategies

Canine Fitness
Warm Ups & Cool Downs
Creating Fitness Plans
Sport-Specific Workout Plans
Body Awareness & Coordination
How to Properly Use Equipment
Foundation Fitness Exercises – Training & Proper Form

Trick of the Participant’s Choice
Open Forum Discussion

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