Product Review: Moon Tails Custom Pet Tags

I ordered these adorable custom portrait tags from Moon Tails Tags and was so pleased, I thought I’d share in case anyone else was interested!

Each tag was $20, which I would say is very reasonable, maybe even underpriced. They come in two sizes and you choose the background color. I got the larger size, which have a 1.5 inch diameter. They are wooden and thick enough that they won’t break easily. Shipping time was 2 weeks from Poland to USA. All of them came wrapped and included a key ring. The seller was very nice and quick to respond when I contacted them on Instagram. These make great gifts that won’t break the bank! So, of course, I got some for friends and family too. Everyone loved them.


As an artist type myself, I’m tend to be a little more critical than the average person when it comes to art stuff. I notice tiny details that most people might glance over. If there’s one thing I’ve noticed that all amazing animal artists can do well, it’s the eyes. Great eyes are what brings the whole piece together and gives it some life. And this artist captured every dogs’ eyes beautifully! I can’t believe how much depth and detail the artist was able to put into such little pieces, especially on the dark colored dogs. You can click on each one for a close up view:


As you can see, they are incredibly detailed! They are meant to be for the dogs’ collars, but I’ve been putting them on keychains and wearing them as necklaces. I don’t trust most of my dogs not to chew them. I love that I have little portable portraits of them. Overall, I’d definitely recommend Moon Tails Tags! Just be sure if you’re in the USA, order 3-4 weeks in advance if there’s a deadline you need it by.

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