Torch’s List of “Ballternatives” (Ball Alternatives)

The ball is a staple in the modern dog’s toy box. Most people choose tennis balls or a plastic ball of similar size. After playing with a Chuck It ball with for over a decade, a horrible accident happened and my dog almost died. (You can read Torch’s full story here.) It was one of the most horrifying experiences and I had no idea it was even possible. When we know better, we do better. Of course, you can’t take away all risks, but it’s always best to reduce risks where possible. So why play with a toy that is a choking hazard, when there are so many less risky toys? Keep in mind that if a toy can fit completely behind their canines, it’s a choking hazard.


I’ve compiled a list of some safer alternatives to your dog’s favorite tennis ball, that will give your dog just as much (if not, more) joy. Some toys on this list are similar to a ball, some aren’t so much. This list is particularly geared toward medium and large breeds.

What are your dog’s favorite toys? Do you have a great dog toy that you think should be on this list? Let me know!

Blitz after playing with her gigantic Jolly Ball in the dirt

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