Dog Friendly Hikes: Red Mountain Trail in Glenwood Springs, CO

Red Mountain Trail

Glenwood Springs, Colorado
See it on Google Maps
See it on AllTrails

Distance: 6.7 miles (according to AllTrails)
Difficulty: Moderate
Day, Time, & Season: Sunday, Morning, July
Human Traffic: Moderate
Dog Traffic: None
On/Off Leash?: On Leash
Parking: Free, with a small lot size

Good Stuff
There was a nice, challenging incline. We decided to quit before getting to the top for the safety of the dogs.

Bad Stuff
This “trail” is horribly marked. We actually started on the wrong trail completely, which ended up being a bike trail. Those parts were narrow, rocky, and overgrown with fox tails. Then we learned that Red Mountain Trail is not even really a trail. It’s a paved road, which was not ideal for the dogs’ paws in the summer. There was no shade, so this is one to definitely avoid when it’s warm. (Or in any weather, really.) There didn’t appear to be any fantastic views in the part of the trail we hiked. Despite allowing dogs, this is really not a great “trail” for dogs at all. It might be fine if you’re a bicyclist or hiker without dogs though.

The “trail” is to the left, where the gate is. The right is another trail, which was equally as bad.

Torch’s Thoughts in 5 Words or Less…
Where’s the trail?

In conclusion, would we go again?
Definitely not. There are many other fantastic trails in the area. (Storm King Mountain Trail is great. Jess Weaver and Grizzly Creek are pretty good too.) To be completely honest, this was the worst hiking trail we’ve ever been on.



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