Dog Friendly Hikes: Shrine Ridge Trail in Red Cliff, CO

Shrine Ridge Trail

Red Cliff, Colorado
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Distance: About 4 miles
Difficulty: Moderate
Day, Time, & Season: Friday, Afternoon, July
Human Traffic: Minimal
Dog Traffic: Minimal
On/Off Leash?: Both are allowed
Parking: Free, with a large lot size (Note: Large RVs may have trouble getting up the gravel road to the parking lot. It was a bit of a rough drive.)

Good Stuff
The trail is easy to navigate. It was a good level of difficulty without completely exhausting us. On the way up, it’s a a steady incline, but it’s not painfully steep. There are lots of trees, so there was plenty of shade throughout the hike. We went at the perfect time of year, as the colorful wildflowers were blooming all over the trail. At the top of the trail, you’ll find a pretty view of rock formations and the mountains. The highest point of elevation on this trail is about 12,000 feet.

Bad Stuff
The road to get to the parking lot was rocky and a bit narrow. It was not super easy with a small RV. On the trail, we did see a few off leash dogs. The owners were good about wrangling them up, as my dogs prefer not to meet other dogs. There were some areas that had a lot of tree roots, so wear good hiking shoes.

Torch’s Thoughts in 5 6 Words or Less…
Let me lay in the wildflowers!

In conclusion, would we go again?


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