Product Review: Chillybuddy Canine Cooling Jacket

Summer is here and it’s starting to get hot. I thought I’d share my review on the Chilly Buddy Canine Cooling Jacket. I ordered mine from

While your dog certainly isn’t going to earn any style points with this, it definitely works! It’s made from the same ugly, reflective, silver material (Aluminat) as the shade cloths you find hanging from tents at dog events. The underside is a layer of soft mesh, to make it more comfortable for the dog and absorb water. The vest even works well even when it’s dry, which is a huge advantage over other cooling vests I’ve seen. My favorite thing about this vest is that the fabric allows air to flow through so heat doesn’t get trapped in.

Key Features
• Sun reflective material
• Cotton mesh under layer holds water
• Allows airflow & doesn’t trap heat
• Velcro neck & chest straps

Sizing & Fit
It’s form fitting, but not tight. They can be loose, depending on the size. Velcro on the neck and chest makes it easy to adjust for a perfect fit. Clean Run gives a sizing chart, but just for reference, here are a few of my dog’s sizes.
Spirit, 22 lbs: Medium
Sora, 34 lbs: Large
Torch, 42 lbs: Large

I typically use it for preventing them getting too hot before their competition rounds. This thing has been a godsend, especially for events where the field is far from the tenting area. It’s great for walking around events, hiking, and surprisingly, competing in disc. Flash, Torch, and Volt have competed several times in disc dog events wearing this vest. It didn’t fall off or inhibit movement. Flash and Volt who typically only last 1.5 minute in 80F+ weather, had no issue playing a 2 minute freestyle in high 80’s. I felt their backs after their round and they were still cool. I love these so much and can’t recommend them enough!

Company website:
Purchase on Clean Run:

Disclaimer: This product was purchased by myself and was not sponsored in any way. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. Seeing the sizing on dogs I know really helps to make a sizing decision. I have been looking at these for awhile. Does the aluminet get snagged on things like the shade cloths do?


    1. I haven’t tried the sport version, but based on the pictures it looks like it just stays on better during playtime. I got this one (casual) before they had come out with the sport one. The casual stays on okay but is a little loose for playing. I’m guessing that’s the only difference (the fit) but I imagine they work the same as far as cooling goes.


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