Product Review: Real Dog Box – Monthly Dog Treat Subscription

Real Dog Box is a monthly subscription service that sends your dog a box of yummy treats! The company makes their own dehydrated, single-protein treats and chews. They will substitute if your dog has an allergy to a specific protein.

Their treat & chew box retails for $39/month on It includes three types of treats (Seafood, Organ Meat, and Muscle Meat) and three types of chews (Light, Medium, and Heavy). Each bag would come out to a little less than $6.50 – not a terrible deal for high quality dog treats.

They have smaller boxes available too, including a treat only box, a chew only box, and a mini treat & chew box. I started with the big treat & chew box, but for the last few months, I’ve been getting the treat only box. It’s a little more budget friendly at $21/month. The chew only box and mini treat & chew box are $23/month.

What’s inside the Real Dog Food box?


Some of the treats we’ve received in the past include:
Seafood of the Month: Whole Lake Smelt, Salmon Chunks
Organ Meat of the Month: Lamb Liver, Chicken Hearts
Muscle Meat of the Month: Pork Loin, Turkey Gizzard

All the treats are dehydrated, so we rarely receive super soft treats in this box. Most of the treats are pretty easy to break up though. You can rehydrate the treats in warm water for a few minutes to make them soft. Since we’ve been getting the box for over a year, we’ve gotten most of the treats more than once.

Their treats are a great to use for training or as meal topper. All of the treats we’ve gotten have been a huge hit. When I got Sora, she would not eat any treats, except for Real Dog’s chicken hearts and turkey gizzard treats. These were a lifesaver for the first month with her.


Some of the chews we’ve received in the past include:
Light Chew of the Month: Beef Aorta, Chicken Feet
Medium Chew of the Month: Duck Wings, Real Lamb Trachea
Heavy Chew of the Month: Pig Ear, Beef Backstrap

Lamb Weasand Chew

The different levels of chews were nice for my pack because I have some big chewers and others that are not. Torch is picky when it comes to chews, usually leaving the rest for Flash to finish. That was not the case with the chews from this box. Torch wanted them all for himself!

Final Thoughts

We have been getting the Real Dog Box for over a year, so that tells you what my dogs think about it. I really like that this company makes their own treats, rather than sourcing from other treat companies. I have an idea of what we’re getting before it arrives and where it’s coming from. The bags don’t last long with the number of dogs that I have, but there is a good amount in there for 1-3 dogs. $39/box isn’t cheap, but your dog will love it. If you’re on a budget, the $21 treat box will not disappoint! The Flying Canines definitely recommend this subscription box. Flash gives Real Dog Box 4 paws up! If you decide to order, let them know that Flash and The Sky High Flying Canines sent you!

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Disclaimer: This product was purchased by myself and was not sponsored in any way at the time of writing this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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  1. Aww!! That’s so cool, I have been looking for such a box for a while now. Thanks for the review, I will definitely check this place out and do check out my blog as well. Have a great day/night! 🙂

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